Quinn or lose?

Congratulations to Brady Quinn on becoming the worst quarterback named Brady or named Quinn to start a game in NFL history.

This is based on the records of all starting quarterbacks who share one of Brady Quinn’s two first (or last names). There’s been only one Brady Quinn to play in the NFL, but there’s been a few guys named either Brady or Quinn who have taken snaps behind center. Our own Brady Quinn is now at the bottom of that illustrious list with a 1-6 career record as a starter. And that one? It took a career-long 56-yard field goal from Phil Dawson with 1:39 to go followed by a miss by Buffalo kicker Rian Lindell in the final seconds to win 29-27 on Monday Night Football last year. And Quinn completed only 38% of his passes for 185 yards in that game.

Yeah, Brady Quinn probably wasn’t the difference.

Who are the other Bradys and the other Quinns that have started at quarterback in the NFL? Glad you asked. One you most certainly know …

  • Tom Brady: 93-27
  • Quinn Gray: 2-2
  • Jonathan Quinn: 1-5
  • Mike Quinn: never started
  • Pat Brady: never started
  • Brady Quinn: 1-6

Tom Brady, you know. He’s the three-time Super Bowl champion and sometimes male model quarterback of the New England Patriots. He’s the best Brady to ever play football and probably the best known Brady who isn’t a member of The Brady Bunch.

Quinn Gray served as a backup for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs from 2005-08. He is now playing for the New York Sentinels of the United Football League. They are 0-4, so maybe he is worse than Brady Quinn. But since Quinn Gray won a couple games for the Jags in 2007, he ranks higher than Brady Quinn on this list.

Jonathan Quinn was the worst Brady or Quinn other than Brady Quinn until Monday night. Coincidentally, he played for the Jags as well. He served as a Jacksonville backup from 1998-2001, going 1-2 as a starter. He did not play for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2002, then started three times for the Chicago Bears in 2004. He lost all three of those games, ending his NFL career. Jonathan Quinn now coaches a high-school football team in the Kansas City area. It made the playoffs. It’s pretty safe to say Brady Quinn will never coach a high-school football team to the playoffs.

Mike Quinn served as a backup quarterback for many teams between 1997 and 2006. He threw a few passes in garbage time for the 1997 Pittsburgh Steelers and 1998 Dallas Cowboys.  He also played in the Canadian Football League before ending his career in 2004. Some might say that Brady Quinn ranks ahead of Mike Quinn since Mike Quinn never even started a game. But Mike Quinn was able to hang around for close to a decade. Will Brady Quinn’s career last that long? Mike Quinn also has a Wikipedia entry nearly as long as Brady Quinn’s, despite throwing only three passes in his NFL career. Advantage, Mike Quinn.

Pat Brady almost doesn’t belong on this list. He was a punter for the Steelers from 1952-54. He also served as a backup quarterback and threw a few passes, but never started a game. He most likely would have lasted longer than three years if not for a torn Achilles’ tendon suffered in the 1955 preseaon. Since Pat Quinn made the Steelers Legends Team, we’ll rank Brady Quinn behind him. Plus, who knows if Brady Quinn can punt. Pat Brady recently passed away at age 83.

With a victory Sunday against the Detroit Lions Brady Quinn can begin move out of last place on the Brady or Quinn quarterback list. But for now, our Brady Quinn is the worst Brady or Quinn of them all..


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