Kokinis — he gone?

George Kokinis Mug 

It’s very possible that the Browns have solved all their problems. Word is that general manager George Kokinis was escorted out of the building today.

What’s that mean? Who knows. Did armed guards come up and tell Kokinis to get out? Did Randy Lerner grab him by the ear and drag him to the front door? Did Eric Mangini drive up in a bus and make sure his hand-picked GM was under it before he drove away?

Whatever, the rumor is certain to pick up steam. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com has just posted this rumor on his fine site. He indicates that Jay Glazer has written the same thing for FOXSports.com.

Just think, if Kokinos has been tossed out that makes Mangini that much more powerful, doesn’t it? Unless Lerner plans on putting someone in place who will tell Mangini what’s what. Certainly the rumor will be the talk of C-town in just a couple hours.


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